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Who We Are

Service Plus Community Management

Service Plus is a full service Colorado HOA community association management company who takes a fresh approach to serving communities in the Denver Front Range Area, including single family homes, condominiums and townhomes.

Our sole mission is to connect with people and create great communities. We strive to do this by working with Board Members and homeowners on a personal level.

Our experience has helped to us learn that this is what’s most important, and is also what sets us apart. Combined with our expertise and comprehensive services, we’ve built a Colorado HOA Management company unlike any other. We invite you to join our family of communities and see the difference!

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Why Choose Service Plus

We offer new communities a 60-day guarantee. We ask that you sign with us for one year. We are confident you’ll love us, though we offer a no-questions-asked 60-day period in which you can leave if you’re not happy. With our fresh approach to service and solid focus on the people who make up the community (along with our extensive experience in the industry) we know you’ll want to stay. Request a proposal to see how you can become part of our family of happy communities too! 

What Sets Service Plus Apart

We believe this is the most important question you can ask, and we’re happy to answer! We love to show what sets us apart and makes us a premier Colorado HOA company that boasts the best retention rate possible: 100%!

We think differently than other community management companies, and we DO differently too, and that’s what we can’t wait for you to see. For us it starts with personal connections, transparency, and spot on execution.

Unlike other community management companies that focus on the number of doors, we know that the people behind the doors are what matters most and we work hard to create that personal connection.

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In fact, it’s important to us that you know we are happy to be serving you! We are happy to answer the phone, respond to the text, reply to the email, and shake your hand when we see you. That’s just part of our culture.

We know that building better communities comes from building stronger and happier relationships too, and we’re proving that it works! So far, we have retained 100% of all communities who have allowed us to serve as their property management company. Now that’s a solid track record!

Service isn’t the only thing we do right around here. We believe in financial transparency, accuracy, and timely execution. Not to mention all of our records are kept electronically. So not only are we paper free, but we are footprint free, lost file free, and worry free!

And we are proudly setting the standard for accounting services among Colorado HOA management companies. After recently completing a full audit, an Association’s CPA said our accounting records were “impeccable.” 

We handle all community finances in a way that lends itself to full trust and responsibility, and we know that it’s important for Board Members and homeowners too.

What else about our accounting services set Service Plus apart? We process all accounts payable weekly. We do this because we understand the value of client/vendor relationships. We also use a web-based invoice approval platform for Board Members to approve at their convenience. Our philosophy to be both efficient and convenient is a huge win for everyone.